Pure Shea Butter is More Effective than Refined for Cracked Heels

Posted on November 13, 2010
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Recently when my heels became dry and cracked, I discovered there are many shea butter products available. Pure shea butter has all of its natural vitamins and nutrients that are often lost in refined shea butter. This makes it more effective in treating cracked heels. Although the pure form does have an odor, it fades away shortly after you put it on. I treated my heels with Shea Butter Heel Balm offered by Powerfeet. It was amazing how fast this product heeled my cracked, painful heels. With just a few days of use, my heels were soft and smooth again. No more cracks for me. I use this miraculous balm everyday as part of my foot care.

Proper Foot Care

If you think about it, our feet take a tremendous amount of abuse and neglect during the course of a day. Feet should be pampered and properly cared for. After my episode with cracked heels, I now take care of my feet by:

· Soaking them for about twenty minutes a day.

· Thoroughly drying and applying moisturizing products.

· Massaging each foot to stimulate circulation and alleviate stress and tension.

· Regularly trimming toenails and filing away any uneven spots.

· Monitoring for any abnormalities on a regular basis

· Yearly visits to my podiatrist unless there is a problem.

You should make the time to take care of your feet. Healthy feet make for a healthier you.


504 Responses to “Pure Shea Butter is More Effective than Refined for Cracked Heels”

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