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Posted on August 16, 2010
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Head lice are a parent’s worst nightmare.  And this is the time of year they start to really show up.  These pesky bugs are itchy and hard to get rid of.  Luckily they are not really dangerous, but most people and children are embarrassed by them.  The truth is that instant lice are not caught from lack of hygiene as many people believe.  They are only spread by close contact.  And they can’t be washed out with regular shampoos.

The traditional head lice shampoo that you will find is full of pesticides.  These are not only bad for children, they also do not work very well anymore.  The lice bugs have become so use used to the pesticides that they have built up immunity to them.  If you leave even one bug alive it will start to lay more nits, eggs, immediately and the infestation will start all over.  The pesticides also do nothing to  get rid of the nits.  Nits attach themselves to the hair shaft with their own glue like substance making them difficult to comb out.  If nits are left in the hair they will hatch into new lice in a week or so.

Many people even try mayonnaise treat head lice.  A better alternative is a head lice shampoo that is chemical free.  Life Organics makes a great lice shampoo from natural oils.  The natural oils kill the lice.  Life Organics Enzyme Treatment makes the nits easier to comb out because the nit glue is loosened.  This two step process is a great way to get your child lice free naturally. Visit bing.com to learn more!


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