Dark Circles Product Reviews

Posted on December 21, 2009
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skin-care-pictureOne of the most talked about complaints as women age is the dark circles under the eyes that can cause even the least vain of women to search for dark circles cream to get the trick done. But do creams work. It is widely known that lasers do not work well with dark circles around the eyes but the good news is that there are protein based ingredients (combinations) that actually do a great job of removing the darkness under the eyes.

These compounds can be found indifferent types of creams but most if not all also have a carrier agent that helps to penetrate the skin and many also use an ingredient that helps to thicken the skin. This keeps the darker blood that pools under the eyes from showing through so easily. There are quite a few compounds but the most notorious is the compund called Haloxyl. The peptide has been proven to not only help with the darker circles but also with the eye bags or the puffy eyes. Theese two seem to go hand in hand as the pooling blood causes the eyes to get puffy.

Componds also work very well with scars such as keloid scars, acne scars, c section scars and similar. Whether they are raised scars or smaller indented scars like you see with acne scars there are scars creams that helps. For keloid scars there is an amazing snail extract that can help to get rid of the hypertrophic or raised scar that continues to grow. This scar is called  a keloid scar.


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